Business valuation as a property complex (business).

The Civil Code of the Kazakhstan Republic.
Article 119. Enterprise
1. Enterprise as an object of rights is recognized by the property complex used  for entrepreneurial activity.
The entire enterprise as a property complex is recognized by real estate.
2. The enterprise as a property complex includes all types of property intended for its activities including buildings, constructions, equipment, inventory, raw materials, production, the land rights, right to claim, debts and also the right to designations individualising its activities (trade name, trademarks) and other exclusive rights unless otherwise is stipulated by legislative acts or the contract. 
3. The company in general or part of it can be the object of sale, pledge, rent and other deals relating to the establishment, change and termination of property rights.

LLP «Real Estate» evaluates the market, or otherwise cost: economic enterprise (business) as a whole, its individual subdivisions, subsidiaries of individual owners shares (shareholders, stakeholders) in the capital of enterprise, blocks of securities issued by the company, etc.
Evaluation of business includes:

  • financial analysis of current activities and prospects of the enterprise;
  •  assessment of the current market value of its property and assets;
  • calculation of enterprise value based on the discounted cash flow model.


Services of an independent appraiser may be required by any customer with:

  • restructuring of the enterprise;
  • issue of securities;
  • taxation;
  • loans secured by property;
  • inclusion of to the authorized capital;
  • property insurance;
  • purchase and sale of property;
  • enterprise reorganization (merger, accession, division, separation, transformation, etc.) of any form of ownership;
  • liquidation of the enterprise;
  • other problems.


Call us, send a request by email or fax. 
1. State the nature of your problem and arrange on a convenient for you time of the appraiser visit.

2. Prepare for the arrival of the appraiser necessary information (this information can be pre-sent to our email address for an approximate calculation of the valuation сервес cost  and деадлинес), see below “Тhe list.”
3. Full information about the evaluation object will be required when signing the contract for services and determining the final cost of our services. The order of work execution: sign the contract, appraiser visit to assess the subject of evaluation, evaluation, providing preliminary results of evaluation to the customer for approval, if required by the contract, report formalization after approval, transfer of the evaluation report to the customer. During the execution of the contract, expansion of the estimated property list is possible through additional agreements.
A short list of information for assessing the enterprise value as a property complex (business). Complete list will be sent by email to the customer.