Valuation of Personal Property

LLP «Real Estate» assesses the market, cost of investment and other movable property cost.

LLP «Real Estate» has accumulated a huge practical experience in evaluating various types of machinery, equipment, vehicles – from transport aircraft and ships to domestic and foreign production.

 Call us, send a request by email or fax. 
1. State the nature of your problem and arrange on a convenient for you time of the appraiser visit.

2. Prepare for the arrival of the appraiser necessary information (this information can be pre-sent to our email address for an approximate calculation of the valuation сервес cost  and деадлинес), see below “Тhe list.”
3. Full information about the evaluation object will be required when signing the contract for services and determining the final cost of our services.


The order of work execution: sign the contract, appraiser visit to assess the subject of evaluation, evaluation, providing preliminary results of evaluation to the customer for approval, if required by the contract, report formalization after approval, transfer of the evaluation report to the customer. During the execution of the contract, expansion of the estimated property list is possible through additional agreements.

Summary of the documents and information for real estate:

technical passport for each piece of equipment, transport, special vehicles, etc. (a complete list will be sent by email to the customer)